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Day 4: The Value of Monitoring the Social Web

October 7, 2010

#social#networking #social#media #social#web #social#media#monitoring #social#media#analytics Social media marketers want their social media monitoring tools to include the capabilities to listen to various voices throughout the social Web, the versatility to allow them to listen to and engage with their audience, and the efficiency they require to manage their time effectively.  It’s no longer enough for [...]

Day 2: The Value of Monitoring the Social Web

October 5, 2010

One thing that’s important to us is the ability to keep our social networking local.  We are more than willing to work with a person/company on the east coast, Canada, or anywhere else in the world.  But a large segment of our audience is here in San Diego.  For that reason, it’s important to us [...]

Branding Your Identity with Integrity

September 14, 2010

Every business and entrepreneur has a brand, brand influencers, an audience, and a brand identity.  In terms of social media marketing, the key to managing your brand identity is to listen to the needs of your audience through social media monitoring, while allowing your brand influencers to influence how you listen to the needs of [...]

Keeping the Social Media Conversation Going

September 13, 2010

#social#media#marketing #social#media#monitoring #Twitter #Facebook #conversation #social#networking #conversational#web #social#media#conversation So, last week you indirectly told me you want to talk about listening to your audience, so we’re going to continue with that conversation.  I’m not going to talk about social media monitoring, but I am going to talk about how to keep the social media conversation [...]

Playing the Social Media Market

September 9, 2010

Yesterday, I suggested the return on traditional markets levels off and becomes predictable, whereas the return on social media markets is fickle because people are fickle.  Both markets require people, and since people are fickle there are margins of changeability within the predictability of both markets.  However, there is more room for changeability within the [...]

Monitoring the ROI of Social Media Marketing

September 7, 2010

Over the next three days, I’ll talk about using social media to listen to your audience, adjust your brand message, and stop crises from adversely affecting your brand.  Each day I’ll list a few services to help you in that process. ViralHeat • Discover new Twitter leads and potential Facebook fans • Follow conversations about [...]

Amplifying Your Message with Social Bookmarking

September 2, 2010

So, first thing’s first.  I owe TweetDeck an apology.  I said in yesterday’s blog they don’t allow users to schedule Tweets.  Their latest version, which was never updated on my computer, does allow users to schedule Tweets.  So, I apologize for the misinformation; though, if my computer did not automatically update TweetDeck, there are probably [...]

The Battle of the Twitter Clients

September 1, 2010

For several months we tested three Twitter clients: Tweetdeck, Seesmic, and Hootsuite.  Here are some brief thoughts on those three Twitter clients. TweetDeck While you can manage multiple accounts, the incessant number of columns we had to create to do so drove us mad.  We sent them several direct Tweets, but they continually ignored us.  [...]

Squidoo and Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

August 30, 2010

Every company wants to listen to their customer base, and Squidoo allows them to do that. When you create a lens, you have a plethora of options of modules. Among those modules is a poll module to ask your customer base what they do or don’t want. This module only allows users to ask multiple [...]

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