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Get it! Godin! Good!

March 30, 2011

In this blog, I predicted a literary minefield. #Seth#Godin set off the first explosive with The Domino Project.  In that blog, written almost nine months ago, I said of the coming changes to the publishing industry, “rather than the writer trying to seek the approval of a few people in the publishing industry, they will [...]

Videos on Online Book Marketing

November 5, 2010

Instead of articles, every Friday I’m going to post anywhere from one to three videos about online book marketing. For starters, check out this video on Google Knol.  It’s like Wikipedia, but they rely on experts to provide information to readers.  Of course, if you’re an author of anything other than fiction, you want to [...]

Will E-publishing Lead to a Literary Mine Field?

June 14, 2010

I’m not a publisher, agent, or published author. I’m an aspiring author, who listens to the wisdom of those who have gone before him and pays attention to literary trends. With that said, please do not take this blog as authoritative or having come from first hand experience. Rather, take it as a student of [...]

E-book Piracy and the Value of Literature

June 7, 2010

For this week, I would like to explore the ethical issue of e-book piracy, so please read and respond to this blog with your thinking caps on. Books lose their value due to wear and tear; but it is the e-reader, rather than the e-book, that loses value due to both wear and tear and [...]

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