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Google Will Judge You by the Social Media Company You Keep

July 22, 2013

Because of Google, social media plays a huge part in a person’s or company’s branding efforts. Five years ago, many businesses saw it as something for kids. Three years ago, businesses began separating the online phenomenon from the days of Myspace. A little more than a year ago, after Facebook’s IPO failed, people began to realize its [...]

Clarifying Social Media & Social Networking

December 7, 2010

Last week, I met a friend for coffee.  He talked about a business idea, and then he asked me to sum up what people meant by “social media.”  I answered, “Integration.”  Twitter and Myspace integrated with Facebook, Facebook integrates with your personal experiences, and we all use the Social Web to integrate with one another [...]

Kudos to the New Myspace

November 18, 2010

If you didn’t get the memo, Myspace launched a complete redesign intended to turn their social networking site into a social media platform.  They want to be a place where people can find the latest information about their favorite musicians, bands, movies, and other entertaining tidbits. Among the top searched terms that lead people to [...]

Socialize Your Search Experience

November 3, 2010

Today, let’s talk about how Flock integrates search into the social Web experience.  In the top right corner of the My World tab, you will notice a search bar.  Next to the magnifying glass, you’ll notice the icon of the search engine it’s defaulted to and an arrow key.  You can use that arrow key [...]

Foursquare: The Poofy Hair of the World Wide Web

September 6, 2010

Recently, someone asked me what I thought of Foursquare.  In a word, I find Foursquare a pointless fad.  Okay, that was two. He asked me to explain its popularity.  Well, fads are based on popularity.  Remember long poofy hair, parachute pants, boy George, and  . . . um . . . Myspace.  All those fads [...]

Social Media Environmentalism

May 24, 2010

Throughout the last several years, programmers have developed WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Web design platforms, allowing everyone to take their piece of the Web. Among the most popular of those are WordPress, MovableType, and Wix.  I believe that of all of those sites that allow everyone their piece of the Web, [...]

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