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Adding Value to Your Content

November 10, 2010

Since the goal of Google Instant is to help people find information faster, I think it is doing a good job. Google is sending more people to pages on my site that directly address their questions. Of course, that means they don’t need to search around as long, so they leave sooner. That is a [...]

Google Analytics and Keyword Density

November 9, 2010

#Google #Google#Analytics #Keyword#Density #Website#Optimization #Google#Instant #Keyword#Monitoring Yesterday, I showed that Google Instant is sending people to pages more specified to their searches.  I understand there is a temptation to create a website in such a way that will lure people in and make them want to stay for the next ten hours.  If you’re Mark [...]

A Review of Google Instant

November 8, 2010

I got curious about Google Instant’s impact thus far, so I did a comparison.  Since Google Instant (GI) launched, it’s made things much harder on SEO; however, Google Instant was made for the person searching the Web not for the person who owns the website.  This comparison looks at the two months before Google Instant [...]

Link Bridges

October 25, 2010

For anyone new to the concept of SEO, that is an acronym for search engine optimization.  If you are referring to a person who engages in search engine optimization it can also stand for search engine optimizer.  With that said, an SEO does not simply write SEO content, rather an SEO does whatever is necessary [...]

Step 2: Do it Yourself SEO

October 21, 2010

Before getting too far into the process of SEO, you want to make sure you have a Google Analytics (GA) and a Google Webmasters (GW) account.  Even if you target Yahoo or Bing, you’ll still want those two accounts. GA is a great way to monitor activity on your site, such as user click behavior, [...]

Step 1: Do it Yourself SEO

October 20, 2010

Yesterday, I went over to a friend’s house to help her with some questions she had about SEO content.  She uses a service that gave her the tools to learn how to do everything she needed to theoretically do to get her site ranked first on Google and other search engines.  The service seemed good, [...]

LinkedIn vs. MSN: The Battle of Search and Social

October 14, 2010

#social#networking #social#media #social#media#marketing #LinkedIn #Bing Today’s the last day of the battle between search and social.  So far search leads the way with more Internet users relying on search than on social.  Social won round three yesterday, so the counts 2-1.  Today, search could land the final blow, or social could force a tie.  First, [...]

Twitter vs. Live: The Battle of Search and Social

October 13, 2010

#social#networking #Twitter #social#media #windows#Live So far the four most trafficked sites in the U.S. have been those four I’ve looked at. There are some socialization capabilities to the site ranked 5th according to Alexa (Amazon), and pretty much anyone can add content to the site ranked 6th (Wikipedia). But I wouldn’t consider them social networking [...]

Yahoo! vs. YouTube: The Battle of Search and Social

October 12, 2010

Let’s continue comparing search and social. Facebook has a long way to go before it catches up to Google, but YouTube and Yahoo! are a little more even. Youtube had a few good days in September and are currently having some good days that have allowed them to rank higher than Yahoo!. And Yahoo! did [...]

Google vs. Facebook: The Battle of Search and Social

October 11, 2010

#Facebook #Google #social#networking You’ve probably heard at least one person say search is dead, or maybe you are that one person.  Let’s look at the argument in perspective, using Alexa to compare Google and Facebook—the two most trafficked sites in the U.S. and the world. Facebook In the last three months, 35.66% of all Internet [...]

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