25 QR Code Book Marketing Ideas

#QR#Codes connect print media to digital media by allowing smart phone users to scan them like bar codes that send them to a Web page. When programming them, consider your audience’s whereabouts and needs. They’re most likely not at home or near a computer. They’re probably at a bookstore, library, book reading, or coffeehouse.

QR Code
QR Code

Ideas of how to use your QR Code:

1. Offer online coupons.

2. Send thank you message for attending an event and offer coupons for their next purchase.

3. Offer coupons only applicable for purchases at that event.

4. Post a video or podcast about you, your book, or places or characters in your book.

5. Post a book trailer.

6. Send an SMS message thanking readers for buying your book.

7. Set-up a Web scavenger hunt or other mobile game.

8. Set-up an app that updates readers about upcoming speaking engagements, book signings, or other events.

9. Offer coupons to restaurants, movies, or other places.

10. Point them to your Facebook fan page, Twitter feed, or other social media site.

11. Embed them throughout your book. Point them to longer URL in your footnotes or endnotes.

12. Point them to quotes or short reviews.

13. Help potential readers purchase your book online.

14. Preset it to go to a video of an event you’re at, and upload a video later.

15. Offer a recommended reading list.

16. Offer your newsletter.

17. Offer video interviews about you.

18. Embed your contact information. Ask readers to send comments or questions.

19. Set-up an augmented reality webcam of a weekly book chat.

20. Set-up your own social networking site.

21. Set-up a survey and offer coupons for completing it.

22. Set-up a questions page and answer questions in upcoming video chats.

23. Set-up a photo sharing site and upload photos from an event.

24. Allow your readers to sign-up for group messaging and schedule group chats.

25. Offer Groupons for purchasing your book.


Can you think of other book marketing ideas for QR codes?


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